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Chain Mesh Fencing Perth

Chain mesh fencing is one of the most popular perimeter security solutions in Perth and across Western Australia. Also called chain wire and chain link fencing, chain mesh fencing is a fast, effective way to create a strong, dependable boundary. Often found protecting construction and mine sites, chain mesh fencing is highly adaptable, with applications throughout the industrial and rural sectors.

Whether it is protecting dangerous goods facilities or community recreation centres, chain mesh is one of the most cost-effective fencing products on the market. It can be found around parks, tennis and basketball courts, prisons, warehouses, and more.

Internally, chain mesh fencing can keep sensitive items secure, delineate pedestrian walkways, or simply add an extra layer of security and peace of mind. Chain mesh fencing is easy to install and repair, as well as being easy to add or customise as your operations or needs change.

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Made from durable, high-quality steel, chain mesh fencing is capable of withstanding the harsh Perth conditions and can be hot-dip galvanised or PVC coated for additional weather protection. PVC coated wire is resistant to rust and corrosion, making it highly suitable for coastal environments. Chain mesh is also wind-resistant, sometimes called cyclone fencing for this reason.

Custom heights and mesh apertures are available, and thicker wire diameters can be opted for where a heavy-duty solution is required. The smaller the mesh diamond, the stronger the fencing, and it will go up in cost. For maximum security, Perth chain mesh fencing can be topped with razor and/or barbed wire, on cranked or double cranked extensions. Additionally, gates can be added to chain link fencing wherever access is required.

Chain mesh fencing is ideal where visibility is needed, or where an open outlook is preferred, whether for aesthetic or surveillance purposes. For small or for tricky sites, chain link is relatively simple to work around sharp corners or other obstructions.

We’ll be able to advise on the ideal chain mesh for your application, whether it needs to be high-impact or would benefit from toppings like wire. Depending on your budget and site requirements, we can design and install fencing in a range of custom configurations, sizes and finishes.

All WA Fenceworks chain mesh fencing is constructed in Perth and built to strict Australian standards.

From supply to installation and maintenance, WA Fenceworks is here for all your Perth chain mesh fencing needs.

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