Colorbond fence

Sleek, durable and uniquely Australian, Colorbond fencing is a staple in Perth and across the country.

Colorbond Fence Perth

Strong and dependable Colorbond steel is used to build fences, sheds, patios, gutters, water tanks, garage doors, and more.

It’s clear to see why – Colorbond steel has been rigorously built and designed to withstand specific Australian conditions. Not only is it waterproof and corrosion-resistant, but it also successfully impedes the spread of bushfires, making it ideal for fire-prone areas.

Colorbond fencing has protected Perth sites for decades, enhancing the security and value of properties with both residential and commercial applications. Manufactured in Australia by BlueScope, Colorbond steel is tested in extreme weather conditions for real-life building applications.


The steel base is coated in a metallic coating, enhancing the material’s corrosion resistance. A primer, which is baked onto the surface of the steel, acts as a further corrosion deterrent, while a topcoat of specially developed paint provides resistance to chipping, flaking and blistering. Colorbond steel will not rot and cannot be eaten by termites.

Colorbond comes in 14 different colours; each colour inspired by Australia’s great outdoors, so whether you’re looking for a subtle or a statement-making shade, there’s an option to suit.
A wide range of panel styles and designs is also available.

Across Australia, more than 12,000 panels of Colorbond steel are currently exposed for testing purposes and put through rigorous conditions – from the harshest of UV rays and severe marine environments to being challenged by tropical climates and industrial wear-and-tear.

As your trusted Perth security fencing contractors, WA Fenceworks understands how to effectively utilise this premium steel fencing material. We regularly install Colorbond fences for houses, councils and industrial sites in Perth and throughout WA.

Our fence installs are seamless, and we make sure that there are no vertical gaps, loose sheets or visible footings in the Colorbond. Perth clients can easily customise their security solution by adding a gate, lattice, slats and post caps to any fence design.

Plus, thanks to Colorbond’s hardy paint-baked exterior, you don’t have to worry about having to repaint, oil or replace fence palings.

Our team will conduct fencing repairs with the same high-quality steel used for construction if your fence is damaged. But, when looked after, your Perth Colorbond fence should last you around 20 to 25 years.
It’s part of the reason why Australians continue to pick Colorbond for their outdoor privacy and security requirements.

From supply to installation and maintenance, WA Fenceworks is here for all your Perth Colorbond fence needs.

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