At WA Fenceworks, our premium fencing products ensure parks in Perth remain safe and pristine.

Park Fencing Perth

Perth parks are renowned for their wide and open spaces, with lakes, playgrounds, native gardens and bushland. For the sake of our communities, they should be protected without compromise.

To adequately protect the natural environment and maintain the safety of all visitors, specialised fencing is often required. Poorly sourced, installed and maintained materials are the primary causes of injury in public places.

When it comes to designing and installing park fencing, Perth businesses and organisations need to choose wisely. If fencing is of low quality – think brittle woods, rusty nails or unfinished/unpolished metal joints and welds – park visitors could be put at risk.


Our team has worked extensively with local governments and councils across the state to provide the highest quality park fencing. We ensure our Perth park fencing products meet all the necessary regulations and quality standards necessary for public infrastructure. That means we also avoid any metals that are prone to rust and use only high-quality treated timber.

A well-maintained park is a sign of a happy, healthy community. Parks and playgrounds are a safe haven for kids, and the right kind of fencing can offer that extra bit of security without hindering accessibility.

Barricading areas that are unsuitable for younger children can allow them to play freely in a safe and inviting environment. Other factors to consider when installing park fencing include keeping the park free of vandalism, wildlife access and ensuring minimum damage to the natural environment.

From rail and post fencing to durable Colorbond steel, WA Fenceworks has the perfect product to suit your Perth park fencing needs.

The material and placement of your fencing play a huge part in the overall look and feel of a park. Urban planners and landscape designers have been integrating fences and safety railings into park design for years. A well-designed and placed fence not only protects visitors from inaccessible areas like pools and lakes, but can also be an attractive and considered feature piece.

As a necessary component for safety and a chance to add to an area’s aesthetic, it makes sense to factor fencing into your Perth park design.

In addition, if your property borders a park, our team can advise you on the necessary permissions and permits required to install boundary fencing.

From supply to installation and maintenance, WA Fenceworks is here for all your Perth park fencing needs.

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