Welded mesh fence

Welded Mesh Fencing Perth

For high-security fencing without compromising visibility, welded mesh from WA Fenceworks is the number one choice in Perth.

With tight-fitting, anti-climb panels spot welded for added durability, welded mesh (or Weldmesh) is one of the highest-security fencing options on the market. Our welded mesh fencing has no handholds, no footholds, and is virtually slash-proof against day-to-day tools.

High-quality security fencing doesn’t have to cost you the view. Though welded mesh fencing is designed to be near-impenetrable, the mesh apertures are large enough to see through, maintaining vistas and surveillance alike. Throughout Perth’s picturesque suburbs, welded mesh fencing delivers high-impact security with a low-impact appearance.

The professional security fencing contractors WA Fenceworks has a wealth of experience in delivering the highest quality fencing products to Perth residents. Welded mesh fencing has a wide variety of applications across the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. It provides cost-effective security with a sleek and tidy finish.

Welded mesh fencing Perth is often used to secure homes and high-value holdings, including mine sites and machinery protection. It is ideal for creating barriers around worksite hazards, such as high-voltage generators, or industrial areas undergoing repairs.

You can be sure that with welded mesh fencing, your assets and your workforce will stay safe and sound.

WA Fenceworks welded mesh is one of the most requested options from our range of Perth security fencing products. Whether you’re fencing a power station, correctional facility or rural property, we pride ourselves on developing the perfect solution for your site.

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Depending on your requirements, we can also fit straight or cranked extensions with a range of added security extras including barbed, razor, and electric wire.

Given its durability, welded mesh fencing is also a great choice for wildlife fencing and is popular in sanctuaries, zoos and agricultural fencing projects. Rest assured your welded mesh perimeter will keep pets in and pests out.

A range of height specifications and finishes are available to suit your needs. For specific applications, custom fencing design is available, and the WA Fenceworks team can also provide high-security gates or bollards for your property.

Our long-lasting welded mesh fencing is designed to withstand all manner of extreme weather conditions. But if an unplanned situation occurs, there is no need to worry as we offer a range of repairs and maintenance services to keep your fencing in top-performing condition.

From supply to installation and maintenance, WA Fenceworks is here for all your Perth welded mesh fencing needs.

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