Name the animal, and the WA Fenceworks Perth team can help you apply the right type of wildlife fencing.

Wildlife Fencing Perth

WA Fenceworks is your trusted provider of environmentally friendly wildlife fencing in Perth.

Western Australia is a biodiversity hotspot, rich in unique flora and fauna. But, we all know some of this wildlife can be dangerous, a potential hazard for small children, pets, or livestock like cattle and horses.

With quality, secure wildlife fencing, your Perth property will be protected from intruding animals such as kangaroos, snakes and birds, while at the same time ensuring these native animals remain safe from harm. In this day and age, there is no excuse for installing fencing that isn’t wildlife-friendly.

Without proper planning and guidance, fencing can be extremely damaging to the local environment. Kangaroos can become tangled in fences that are not height optimised, and birds or other small mammals can get themselves stuck on barbed wire. Often, the situation proves fatal to the animals caught.


At WA Fenceworks, our experience working across the state on residential and rural fencing projects means we can advise on the ideal product for you and the environment. For example, if you live near a snake-infested area, WA Fenceworks can build specifically designed fences to keep snakes out and you safe. Similarly, kangaroos can be repelled in a harm-free way with adequate and well-planned fencing, such as using a slope to create distance and minimise their ability to leap.

Environmentally-friendly operations are increasingly important to the community, clients and businesses alike.

As our population grows, more and more animals are forced out of their natural environment, often right into new residential and commercial developments. Installing wildlife fencing can protect them from roads, domesticated animals and other manmade dangers.

New developments and households in Perth can help do their part to protect our wildlife by being mindful of the type of fencing they use.

We offer a comprehensive range of fencing products, from chain mesh fencing, boundary and dividing fencing, to electrified fencing. Despite the misconception, electric fencing has low amperage and is generally harmless to animals. Our team will work with you to determine your overall fencing goals, from deterring wildlife to providing them with a safe passage home. The goal is to work together to achieve a wildlife fencing solution that works for your Perth property’s needs while simultaneously protecting the environment and our native animals.

From supply to installation and maintenance, WA Fenceworks is here for all your Perth wildlife fencing needs.

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