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At WA Fenceworks, we understand safety around your site is a primary concern. That’s why our safety railing systems are strong and virtually maintenance-free.

Safety Railing Perth

Have a project that requires staff to work at heights, near dangerous substances or sensitive equipment? Form a safe boundary in your Perth project with the help of A-grade safety railing. Mining sites, industrial workshops and commercial operations all require a minimum level of occupational safety, and the WA Fenceworks team will ensure you are fully compliant.

Safety rails have a range of benefits. Providing a physical and visual barrier can make dangerous areas significantly safer, compensating for heights, topography, dangerous materials, and more. A properly installed rail can provide support and stability to high-risk areas, or ensure a zone is engineered for universal access.

Safety railing should be factored into the design of a site, as it can easily designate pedestrian and vehicle walkways, or out-of-bounds/exclusion zones. In Perth, safety railing is found everywhere from community facilities like schools to commercial enterprises like warehouses, separating forklift and machinery thoroughfares from pedestrians.


Gates can be installed wherever necessary, making safety railing a versatile and cost-effective barrier solution.

We supply and install several configurations of safety railing to our Perth clients, with options including freestanding or portable safety railing, OH&S compliant hand railing, temporary construction railing or stand-in ground-based railing.

To get the most out of safety railings, they must be well-considered and strategically placed. The WA Fenceworks team has extensive experience installing railing for various industries.

We can install safety railing in a number of ways:

  • In-ground safety railing can be concreted in place or core-drilled into a particular type of wall, depending on your site-specific or design and construction needs. This type of railing is most commonly found along walkways and stairs.
  • Ground-mounted safety railing attaches directly to the ground or wall with custom fabricated brackets, which are designed to comply with weight loading requirements.

For Perth residential applications, safety railing can be implemented to stairs, ramps, platforms, pools and anything that would benefit from the added support of a rail.

Handrails can greatly improve safety and accessibility for people with movement difficulties or disabilities and the elderly. We ensure our residential installs are of the highest quality and won’t ever move or come loose.

Whatever your next project, consider the importance and the application of safety railing.
From supply to installation and maintenance, WA Fenceworks is here for all your Perth safety railing needs.

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