Three security bollard

Depending on your unique requirements, the WA Fenceworks team can install bollards that can be removed entirely or ones that can be lowered completely below the road surface.

Bollard Installation Perth

Security bollard installation creates the perfect barrier for sites across Perth, providing business protection, access and traffic control. Bollards are used widely by the government, commercial and private sectors to protect public spaces like parks, schools, storefronts, and pedestrian walkways.

Designed to physically stop unauthorised vehicles from entering or exiting a site, security bollards are built to provide tough, dependable security. In addition to managing vehicle flow, bollards can restrict access wherever necessary. Carefully considered bollard installation can protect anything from utilities and electronics to machinery, buildings and, most importantly, people.

Bollards usually consist of rows of steel or timber posts that are anchored to concrete, cored into a hard surface and concreted into the ground. Heavy-duty steel bollards can be filled with concrete to essentially become anti-ram barriers. As Perth bollard specialists, WA Fenceworks can install both permanent and removable bollards in any area.

Permanent security bollard installation can be found across the Perth CBD, and in car parks, industrial settings and high traffic areas. They are designed to prevent vehicles from causing damage to people and property, and like safety railings, are useful for demarcation and controlling traffic flow.

Steel bollards are the strongest choice for permanent bollard installation in Perth, but timber bollards can provide a cost-effective and natural-look barrier solution. Perth clients can also choose bollards in a variety of different materials. For example, there are bollards made from forgiving plastics or elastomer, to allow for better absorption of impact energy in danger-prone areas.

An ability to appear and disappear within seconds makes removable and retractable bollards suitable options for pedestrian areas that may occasionally require vehicles to pass through, enforcing time-related traffic rules, and restricting the access of particular vehicles or even classes of traffic. This type of bollard can control access across larger areas than boom gates or steel gates and provide overall stronger protection, operation, and visual appeal.

The bollards we supply are made from the highest quality materials specifically designed to Australian standards. To ensure maximum protection, security bollard installation in Perth should always be undertaken by a professional team who understand the optimum distancing and materials required for your specific purpose.

From supply to installation and maintenance, WA Fenceworks is here for all your Perth bollard needs.

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